Dean Warehouse Services, Inc. and its family of integrated operating companies; Dean Transportation, Dean SupplyChain Management, Right There Courier, Dean Trailer Leasing, Dean Acquisition, Berkeley Acquisition, and Dean Leasing Corporation provide warehousing, transportation, and logistics services. Together, we serve the needs of many clients, providing solutions to the complexities of supply chain management and helping clients reduce supply chain management costs.

The Dean Integration System™ allows customers to achieve complete control over their inventory.

  • With Dean’s proprietary Integration System™ the impact is dramatic, and the resulting savings is extreme.
  • Benefits — Complete tracking system, Web-accessible, fully secure, and real-time 24/7.
  • Costs/Savings — No additional cost because of Dean’s shared resources structure. To build a RF-based inventory tracking system would be cost prohibitive for any one company, but Dean memorializes the net savings of greater efficiency and staff savings and transfers that realization to its customers via its shared resources model.
  • Ultimately, you win — the industry’s most advanced system, at an affordable cost.

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